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The Japanese dinner

One more thing that I could not have done in India. It was delicious, and with the right company, it was the perfect dinner. You are probably wondering, why I couldn’t have done this in India right? Well, number one, we do not get Japanese food in India, and number two, I would not be so lucky to get this very company in India. When I say Japanese, am sure, few of my friends eyes would tear wide. For those of you, I would say, it was not snake like we used to imagine. Turns out Japanese food do have vegetarian dishes.

Two such things were gyosas and Udon noodles. Gyosa, as I first thought was not like a spicy food like the name suggested to me, but rather, a hot food ( I mean literally hot, I was like haaaaaaaaaaaa, after first bite). They are typically dumplings with vegetables inside and I also tried soyu sauce, which for a ‘ketchup only’ person like me, was quite different due to its salty nature.

Next came the yakosi Udon (or some similar Japanese name), looked like maggi, tasted like a typical sweet and felt like two days dinner at once. I liked eating it, it was fun to eat with chopsticks (I didn’t even touch the fork). It was slow with chopsticks and a little untidy around the bowl, but come on, this was my first time. So, I had that tonight.

Do not ask me why I didn’t take picture of the food. By my description of the food you should have known that we were pretty hungry, so the time was enough to eat and enjoy the dish. By we I mean the company I had, a new friend, who is fun and sweet and a great person to hang out with. So, I would wish kudos to this night and many more lunches and dinners and events to come and hope I have as much fun as I had tonight.

That’s one down the bucket list. Actually, two down but you don’t need to know the second one. ūüėČ

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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