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The Mentor We Are

You are doing something, something for long time and suddenly somebody praises you a little, and shows a little interest in that thing you do, what do you do then? I bet, most of you finish it by a thank you ( very smart ), but there are few, me being one among those few, who try to inspire them just because they praised and showed tiny interest in ‘your thing’.   My mind sometimes goes like, ” it’s time to be someone’s hero.” Not that I regret it, but just that I know it is annoying.

Well, if I know it is annoying, why do I do it? We all have different reasons, and I have one too, not so different but yet, something that will make me feel indifferent about the annoying thing I can be. Its the part of being a mentor. All our lives, we have been told to do stuffs, all our lives we have been taught to be us, all our life’s we have been seeing people who lead and when there exist a slightest shimmer of light to put us in the spot of being someone’s role model, someone’s inspiration, how in the earth’s existence could I let that go? I want it, to be the purpose of someone else’s start of a thing.

Well, to all those who have been annoyed by this very thing in me, as I said before, it’s not that I do not know it’s annoying, it’s just that, I don’t care about it. And when one day, ‘Someone’ does shows an interest in anything you do, you will be there and I hope you feel that and enjoy.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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