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The tiny Chef Within

Well, the last time I talked about food, man was I scared? It had been an remarkable one month. Didn’t do too much of exploring the city and all but, I did hit a jackpot. I learnt cooking. I didn’t learn, it just came. And I am good at it.

One of my friend said that he always thought eating was a 15 minutes process and now he realised that, it was not jut the 15 minutes of eating. I felt the same too, I have to cut vegetables, cook food, wash the dishes and then eat. And it then tastes like heaven. Not because it is delicious ( it generally is when I make), but because I know how I made it. How much time I spent for it. How much I love to savour it. When my friend tasted it and his eyes went wide and a smile spread across his face with the pleasure of having eaten something nice ( I maybe exaggerating a little, but his face was turned to one side. I cud only hear the ‘mmmmm’ and ‘niceeee’).

And fancy dishes are coslty, and when I thought, it was easy to cook, I was wrong. Now, cooking is a hobby for me, it’s a passion. I maybe as well become a chef. :p

The line anyone can cook makes perfect sense and I will keep cooking. It is really relaxing (sometimes, the smoke may get suffocating too, but never mind), I would love to keep cooking. And one day, the chef within me wudnt be so tiny after all.

Chapati-egg roll with capsicum carrot curry, suggested flavouring - tomato sauce.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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