Whats the time there?

A question which I have heard so much that I feel like the timekeeper. Though its been one month in Barcelona, I just talked to many of my dear friends recently. In the first fifteen minutes, everyone asked this same question. Generally, people’s restating of the obvious would irritate me, but this time it was different. I did not feel irritated, rather I was happy to tell the time to them. The reason not being the case that I am abridged having fun, but the minor unexpected thing if me missing my friends. Well, I never would have imagined myself missing people, but here I am, writing about it with a smile on my lips and headphones in my ears listening to melodious drama songs at 2 am.

Emotions are wierd things, they never come in handy when they are needed most, but now, I feel all these things. Though it is good to be doing something that would catapult my career forward, I miss the old times sitting in the classroom discussing with my friends if I should shave, what episode of game of thrones is he watching, or ideally wondering if that girl is also thinking about me, torturing my friend to measure the circumference of my bicep (i was the new gym guy), thinking awesome stories for short films which never proceeded after first 2 minutes of filming.

It never struck me till now that I wont be sitting again a classroom and “listen” to lectures again. It’s gone, the time has passed by, so I am officially a grown up who has outgrown classroom situations in my life. It will hard adjusting without it, now that I have realised it.

But, how old I get, or how long I grow my #tail, I will always miss those days.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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