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A Deceptive Throw

I write this, with one thought in my mind, why was I that stupid? Why did I have to trust? You all must have heard the phrase, “what goes around, comes back around”. Well, today, ummmm, tonight, it came around before it could go. It was precisely 12°C and the wind was a little chilly at the beach, because of the sweat and few water stains at the ankle and my shoes. But, what the hell did I know of wht was to come.

A friend of mine approached me with an intriguing offer, “do you want to throw Nitin in water, other guys are with us? “. Who would deny some fun, fun sure is the ‘b’ word. I didn’t give a seconds thought before I realised that I was shaking my head positively. I saw a twinkle in my friend’s eye. I was in, shirt off, phone and purse given to other friends, and shoes off. Walked to the beach with the Nitin and others.

What felt wierd was that Nitin agreed to come near the water on being asked just once. I was a little skeptical but my thought of being naughty and mischievous masked my ability to make a conscious judgement. We were standing there in a line, holding hands. Nitin was right next to me, on me left hand side. And there was another guy on the right hand side. And one more behind me.

We approached the water cautiously and NY the time I realised that is was a con, they were all over me. Three to one, pushing my and pulling me or doing whatever they had planned too. The struggle went on for atleast 50 long seconds. I climbed on to one guy and the other guy was holding my one leg and they were shouting to each other. As much as it was deceitful, it was fun and after 50 struggling minutes of strategic bull fighting, I hit the water. But, on the bright side, I was not the only one, the guy who came and asked me if I wanted to throw Nitin in the water, thumped with me into the water. But on the dark side, I didn’t brink my jacket that night, as it was comparatively less cold.

But, what pissed me most was the thing I had to do after that, I had to take of my sleeveless shirt and dry it before I could walk again. The wind made it worse. Dripping pants and body. When I imagined myself talking off my last layer of upper clothing in a beach, I imagined the scene to be something like, me rising from the water, and a back ground music goes on, there are 6 packs and a rock hard chest and bulging biceps as I put my long wet hair back from my face. Basically, a Salman Khan introduction. But, damn those rascals, that I had to do it at 1:00 am in the morning and with sand all over my pants and me squeezing my sleeveless shirt to dry off the water. Which can be precisely compared to a washerman in the south Indian river banks.

Though it was a deceitful throw, it was fun. But, those guys did struggle for 50 seconds or so to lift me up. That’s something I am not to sad about. So, next time I take off my shirt in the beach, 6 packs and bulk chest only. And probably, in day time.

Now, I am scrubbing sand of my hair and body and yuck, my lips are salty.

Anyway, Nice one, Mohan, Nitin, and Hari. It’s 1-0. I will get even. Maybe, lead you in the game too. :p
Besides that, it was a nice evening. Glad to meet all my college mates from India at one place.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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