a piece of my mind

The New City.

It seems like ages ago when I wrote last, and to be lying, I have never had a block like this in my past. I am a humble man, accepting my mistakes, telling the truth about me, though be it whatever, you may like me or may not, but that would affect me not. Lot has happened in these two months, have I become wiser or much more dumb? It’s new people everywhere, and in this country, I am the foreigner. Some think me as Indian, and some think me as other near-to-India citizens, but when I never used to care back there, out here, why would I dare?

I am in Barcelona, and I love it. The city as such is a beauty at all time of the day. The cold is biting in the ass though, but I guess I can get used to it. It has been 3 weeks in Barcelona and I have done all kinds of stuffs, that would generally give me the chills, back home. It is nice to be on my own, but, I do miss my home. I do not know why I am rhyming, maybe it is the timing. Its Four and a half hour late than India, it is irritating to know that, all your friends are sleeping when you are awake and when you are working they are free. I am new here, not a lot of friends to chat with, but everyone here says “ola”, wether I know them or not. It is fun in this beautiful city, I also roamed at midnight in the beach. And it froze me to the deep.

El Docks
Nou Camp


I did make few new friends, but in that, I like one and maybe I will get to know her better. We walked and talked, but that was it. But I am hoping I could do that again. Walking and talking is no harm after all. People have asked me why haven’t I written anything for so long. I don’t know, maybe, I was, wrong(when I said, I will always write). Again, pardon me when I rhym, it’s not intentional, its just that I haven’t done it in a long time. I still love writing though and I always will, cause it is my passion when I have time to kill. I Hope you are all doing good. I will write again with one of my day, and remember what I write here, stays here.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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