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The first few weeks, in short.

To speak of the city, this city is awesome. Already said in my previous post, but, still Barcelona is awesome. This is the city where I saw, I guess 10 year old kids, do amazing football stuffs. And they are like whoaaa. It’s amazing. The metro, park, bus, everything. Coming from India, the only thing I miss, I actually struggle to get, is vegetarian food. They pronounce it here as “vehetarianooo”. And I jumped up and literally danced in middle of the supermarket when I found margherita pizza, just cheese and tomato, translated every word of the ingredients in the packet and soo happy to have found, no meat, no fish, no chicken, and no human parts on it.

The cost of living is quite high here when compared to India. I strictly refrain myself from going inside the super markets more often. If I control and step in, I am sure I will end up spending 1000₹, minimum. Like the past 8 times, in 1 week. Anyway. Though vehetarianooo is not easily available in this country, I cook. Ha ha. Yes, I have started cooking, and since you are not going to taste it anyway, it was awesome. I love my cooking, if you could see my red hot eyes, tears welled up, not because of the sentiment or the happiness but, because of the random and unpredictable lumps of suddenly discovered salt or, much better, chilly powder in my food. Am not sad though, I am having fun. I will learn soon. After all it’s just been 24 days. Isn’t there the saying, 5th month is the charm.? But, mostly I will be back in India by that month if am alive. I sometimes hear myself echo in my mind, when I take the first bite of whatever I make, (“you will be the reason for my doom”). But, duh, you would not know that.

So, roaming in the streets, done. Roaming in the streets in midnight, done. Roaming in beach in midnight, done. Getting shouted at from drivers when crossing road under red light, done. Falling embarrassingly on the first day, hurting the middle finger on left hand, and wearing the same jean for 4 days, done, done and done.

Thats potato if you are wondering what. Cooking courtesy: me
At the beach. And the photo is not* edited. It was in HDR mode. Please believe me.
Same beach. Only at 1 am
Back to childhood. P.S. nothing happened to my pants.

Thinking of new things to do. And I hope I find plenty. If something strikes your mind. Indulge me. Till then let me work on my skateboarding skills and improve.

That's me getting on a skateboard.
And thats me falling down. I didn't hit the ground though. It just looks tragic.

See you soon with few more “sharable” experiences. And yes, there are many private experiences toooo. Muahahahahahaha.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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