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The Fall Of A Region

It is generally popular when someone says Fall Of a regime, but the scene is different in Chennai. She said, “Chennai is sinking, my house is flooded”. And not just her, 4 lakh people are suffering the wrath of the nature. The Sea is overflowing and the calamity is catastrophic. There are many talks going on about this issue, 1. Lack of National Media Involvement. 2. CM’s Unreliable Speech 3. Relief and Support

These are all in the past, when the rain stops, it would have left the city in ruins. The infrastructure would have to completely reworked and the honorable CM, has requested for Rs.2000cr. from the Prime minister for Flood relief funds, stating that the total estimated  expenditure for relief and restoration would cost Rs.8481 cr. The Prime Minister has sanctioned Rs. 940 cr. for the support, and further funds would be provided after a detailed report by officials. The state has released Rs.500 cr for the same purpose.

The proposed Rs. 8481 cr. includes restoration expenses and relief funds, i.e. the monetary funds that would be provided to the people for sustaining themselves. But, the point to be noted hee is that, the funds would be broken into such small amounts that it would not make any significant difference in their situation. It would just be a trivial help from the government. Though the intention to help is adulated, it is pointless. But, if there is a way to make use of the money as large as Rs. 8481 cr. The change that it brings would be remarkable.

The talk for smart cities has been going on for long. The government could make use of this failure in infrastructure, to make considerable changes to the city and emerging out as a great success. Moreover, what could be the best moment to build a city? From ruins or from an already moderate functioning condition.

See the Poll.

If the majority of funds required or demanded are put forth for the development of appreciable infrastructure, rather than just restoring the state to its previous glory, the new era would see the rise of a newer Chennai. Though the speech given by the CM was a little letting down, she could make these happen and gain a new glory, for the state she committed herself to and also for herself.

Thus, I present this petition for you all to sign and promote if you support the idea. Please sign it and support the cause. Let us make a change. So that, in future, this loss of life is avoided.

Sign the petition

If we get enough support, we can get this done.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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