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Desperate Times shows the True Color

I am sure, most of you are aware of the tormenting rains in Chennai that has caused havoc in the city. The city’s schools have been closed for almost a month now. The rain became severe in the past couple of days, breaching the lakes and submerging half of Chennai. Some places of Chennai are like islands now. In these situation and chaos, the speech from the Chief Minister can be relieving, but….

Listen to the speech here.

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu started her speech by, “respectable voters”, and this showed how directed towards election she is. I am not criticizing, but she could have addressed the general public as people. I do not see the need for such campaigning in these situations.

The speech had more salutation than the content. It was like a 5th grade school boy filling answer sheet with unrelated stuffs.

The reason was rain for not needed as it was not the solution for anyone. And she said, “it is inevitable to prevent loss of life and property. Being a good government, only relief could be provided”.

Being the CM, even if, whatever she said being true, she had the entire states all departments in her disposal and this response was not what was being sought from the government.

She has released Rs.500 cr for relief proceedings. And requested Rs.2000 cr from the central government, stating the total need as Rs.8481 cr. Out of which Rs. 940 cr. has been released yet.

Lets see what more the rain offers and how may losses are ‘inevitable’.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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