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Grief, Hope and Recovery- Proud of that Family

I was most fortunate to receive an opportunity from the Smile Foundation on personal request to write articles for them. My first task was to create a human interest story out of the briefings provided.

I was moved by the story and I decided that I would not only write about it but also involve more in such deeds of volunteering. Read this article to know about the tragedy faced by a five year old boy, Vikas. Driven by destitute and suffering.

The situation where they were abandoned by everyone they trusted. And comes their savior, a stranger to put them out of their misery.

If you read that story, when we think about the tragedy of Vikas’ life, it could have taken an entirely different turn and who knows what might have happened, but that small benevolence by a stranger, got Vikas and his family a community to be with. A small act of benefaction is the best form of benediction.

This endorsement has inspired Vikas to be successful in his life and make sure no one else suffers a similar episode. This does not mean that, you have to be the victim to take measure against anything.

So, do not hesitate to take a step forward, help the people, do not think of the stench, it is your positive behavior that will help in curing the scars at a rapid rate. Your forward step is the road for others to follow, pave it.

I have provided other services before, like the school, Orphanage, Temple, and I am very much proud of it too. But, this one felt different. The sympathy for the kid, his mom and his brother and also the pride on their recovery. It was know to know about Vikas, I hope he becomes a doctor like he wants.

But, writing about things is an entirely different domain. I believe that words can always influence people and I will keep writing, about leading a noble life, a ten rupee note or anything else, as I believe that words can bring a change.

You do not have to be an altruist, just resist from being an ignorant.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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