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I Wish I Lived In the 19th century

I like to imagine how would it be if we all were in 19th century, (the purpose of this imagery is, no technology), so don’t think much. How would it be if you, I and all of us here, are living in the 19th century. First thing would be the possibility for us dieing because of fever. It would have almost been inevitable back then. It’s a LOL thing now, but people used to die just because they had fever.

Anyway, moving on, what else would be different? When I think of us being in 19th century, I could not control the thought of yellowish sky and pale dresses, thank you movies for making the olden days so dumb. But, it would have been soo good.

Lots of opportunities, less pollution, gentlemanly behaviours. But, my most favorite one would be absence of tracking technology and possibility. Other the blood craving hounds, nothing could track us. We would have been at complete liberty and can disappear from anyplace and start over easily.

Strt over easily???? Is it possible in the present world? Whatever, whenever, and however we did, would come back to haunt us. Actually, it never leaves to return or “come back”. It always exists like a phantom, around us, feeding on our self criticism, and draining is of our confidence, making us sooo brittle that the softest blow to that issue would make our house of cards, crumble like a detrimental landslide.

It is almost, not possible to put things behind. First of all, it takes hell of a courage and determination, to put the things behind and to incept a thought of starting over, and topping that, when everything around us, reminds us, everyone around us, enquire us, and when every thought of it shrinks us, how are we supposed to let go and come out of it.

We sent messages, through letter, a sweet mode of communication, then came in, telegram, instant delivery, acceptable, because at times it is healthy to send information in few minutes, here is the new hero, Pager, a walking telegram unit like thing, to send in personalised messages without having to wait for the post man deliver it. It was like we had the post office in your pocket. Technology improved, Graham Bell became a father, and then Motorola took over, innovating, portable talking devices, and then everyone started investing in it, seems harmless enough, just a drop of acid, no big harm. Internet on the go. The mother of all Tracking apps, recording calls, checking logs and path a person has taken, constant nagging, remote activation, bla bla bla and what not?, I give in to the fact that these innovations were good but what is the ultimate price?? We have no privacy, the only thing which we could say is ours, the word ‘private’ would no longer exist in dictionary.

In some years, perhaps, sooner than we anticipate, the phrase, “Rise from the ashes”, will also be a myth like the bird itself. Pheonix, a symbol of new start and a life, will be the symbol of fiction, as we would be roaming with a big bell around our neck, telling everyone who we are, and what have we done, and what should others think about us, even if that do not know or are who we are. Such is the situation, and such is the outrage that it deserves, maybe even more, but nonetheless.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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