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The Dancing Fire

I was sweating like a wrestler( just sweating, no other attributes resemble a wrestler though), and I could feel the heat burn my epidermal just because of mere radiation. I hope all of you would have had such feeling when you see into the fire continuously. As if a part of your brain unlocks or takes you to a ride in your past. I was sitting in front of a pyre. All of you night know about Hindu rituals for the sacred thread changing ceremony and all (Bla bla bla). Anyway, they task was to chant a “mantra” for 1008 times and put a stick in fire. But, slowly my mind drifted apart when I was half way through, ( say about after almost 12 repetitions).

It was 2 days ago, I could see the fire making odd but, recognisable shapes, I started thinking about the happy potter movie, the one where serious black talks to Harry through the fire. Duh!!!! And yeah, I was just lip syncing though, to not get caught by me parents. If you have done it, you would know, that almost everyone just lip syncs.  Yet it is tacit enough and no one talks about it. Everyone is a perfectionist apparently.

So, yeah I just realised something that, how much ever hard I try o concentrate, I would chronically end up thinking it as a waste of time. Though I liked the dancing fire, I did not like the fumes which almost managed to smoke my lungs out of my body. Though, I scrutinize the procedure here, I would never dare to open up my mouth in front of my dad (am a good boy basically) and again inherit the tacitness and go with the flow. But, no one seems to know the right convincing answer.

Because, after all, ritual is something to be done rather than understood ( if you know what I mean). And, they say that its a matter of belief( without commonsense?) Yet, I still do not understand why people do it if they do not know the meaning is.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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