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Too Much is Never Good.

She said not to let her go. She said it because he told her that he would never let her go. And the other girl began to show interest towards the guy too. It all came to the point when he didn’t want it to come. All the things important to him converging to the same point. And the ideology he possessed chocked his throat, “always be true and tell the truth. It helps you be in the safe zone”. This time it was different. He was caught, in the middle two hearts, which both he cared, with all his heart.

One he cared for because of sympathy at the beginning, the other he cared for, because she saw that he could change for who he was, (a free horse or a boundless guy perhaps, I hope you understand his forte.) feeding on the love and care he used to get from people. Not misusing it though, just feeding on it. Hurting people and moving on. Called himself too practical to be emotional or attached to sentiments. But she, trusted him, for she could see something in him worth trusting. ( or maybe she was a fool? ).

Now, its time for the guy to be torn apart, he decides to be with the girl who sees through him. Unfortunately, the life plays its irony here. It decides to teach him a lesson as if it was watching him ever since the start of his cavalier lifestyle. And when he decides to change, it was time to hit hard. He had told the truth about himself to that girl( see through him gal) and he was about to tell the truth to the other girl. This was all non parallel , at different point of time. He was not cheating anyone. But, it all joins on one day.

But, now, when he doesn’t want to hurt either of the girls, he is confused. One must get hurt, what should he do? So he decides to play it safe, (close to his chest maybe) And then, slowly explains the girl who was actually not interested in him but later showed some, that he was sorry about whatever he did. It was just that he cared more that led to disaster. And also, the always truth part, that sucks too. He asked if they could stay friends, she was silent and never replied.

Truth is a medicine, to be taken in perfect dosage. But, the guilt remains in the guy, it always will be there. Poor him. All he did was worry or perhaps care. Too much is never good. Or so, he said to me. All the best my dear friend.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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