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The Crowd in the Pathway

Allow me to explain the situation first. For those who have never been to a very big Hindu Temple on a festive day, a quick delineation. They shout in your ears,  ” move, move, do not stagnate.” continuously too and almost hold your hands and drag you out of the way. Generally, we would be standing in front of the idol and cry that we would not move. Basically, my parents are religious people and they travelled to lot of temples and took me along with them. I said travelled cause I do not go anymore, though they still do. And when the crowd control people there would drag me around like am a ken doll, I would wonder to myself that someday, someday, I would be in their place. And finally, that someday was, TODAY.

I got to pull and push, (“guide” seems a proper word here :p) all the people who would stagnate in front of the line and would come in from the exit and kids monkeying around. We were representing our college for the service of guiding the visitors there as it was very hectic. And believe me, it was crowded. I did not literally count as to how many times people stepped on my toe but it was definitely more that 15, everytime I cried an “ahhhh! Fu**”, that’d how I remember it.

People fainting due to the suffocation which was taken care of. But the most lovely part was the line when old people gave me their benedictions. They were like, ” may you reach the zenith of success and always be smiling like you are now”. That like was more than enough to encourage me to do more. I was on my heels and so were the remaining people.

I was also lucky enough to witness a drama scene ( just in my opinion), where a lady started to shout and dance around claiming that God has entered her. I was actually a little freaked out, it was the first time I saw something like that ( other than movies ), and she was swaying and swallowed an entire raw lemon. It was “holy crap” all around. But, I felt like she needed some attention to get through the crowd faster. Anyway, let not venture to that area.

We got free lunch, and free Poppins ( that was out supervisor’s courtesy), and almost 100 lemons( I guarded them like an eagle when the ladies came to snatch it, man, they were desperate for free lemons). Got to make many friends among the law keepers as they were there as well. Additionally, i sweated almost a gallon. Phew, heavy work right. But, my favourite part of the day, was that, I got to be the reason of smile for few people and I want to do it again. Really great day. We took some pictures as well.

Sorry about the quality, You know, WhatsApp compresses images.

Yeah, we booked a bus for us.
That green color dressed guy is me, waiting for me turn to eat. You see, we had to get places first. Which was left to chance.
Technically, this should be the first pic. Our way in and way out
Temple entry, it all started here.

With love and respect, Adha.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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