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A Time Travel to the late 40’s

“Hey, look what I found?”, said someone with a blur face. I do not know why it was blur, as he was just few feet away from me and pointing towards a dark alley kind of structure that I had never seen behind my grandmother’s house, so far. His voice was familiar enough but I could not recognise who, for it was dark and hazy. So, I would assume that he was a friend. I walked up to him, and looked inside the alley. It was a rusty structure, as if it had been there for centuries waiting for someone to find it. It was so shabby that, when I went close to it, my friend warned me from touching it. He said, “Do not touch it, it seems like it would crumble to ground. We do not want trouble on our independence day”.

I had not wished anyone for the independence day this year. Not even replied to other’s wished and greeting in WhatsApp or Hike. I did not know why, but this year, I did not feel like dramatising for that. It was so conspicuous due to all the activities of every year for the past 15 years ( am 20 though, 15? because that’s as far as I can remember). These shows on tv and flag hoisting in public and distributing chocolates to people even on this day had somewhat obviated the fact that, it was independence day. I felt like I lost the spirit. And it was already night when it again struck me that it was independence day. And maybe that’s why mom let me roam around at that time? Usually she doesn’t. Anyway, I touched it, ” Look, nothing happened to it. It was just a little rusty. Nothing to worry about. What do you say, if we get to know about this a little more. Should we tell others as well?, hey?? You there?” I turned back and there was nobody, a wall though, between me and the road. I shouted for help but I didn’t know if anyone ever heard me or not. My right hand was still on the , whatever it was.

Suddenly, there was a spark, it flashed My eyes and I couldn’t see anything for precisely 7 seconds and I could feel a lot of heat, i guessed it cause I was sweating a lot. Maybe, it could have been my nervousness. But whatever, let’s stick to heat. That is pretty simple and helps maintain my courage in front of all. I opened my eyes and ,”Holy Fa……”. It was shining, brand new, with some logo on its side and the arch on top of it. The logo was similar to a centipede with a diamond on its first two hands( or legs, I don’t know.) And it had inscribed PoT all over the arch on either side of the logo. I felt as if I was standing in an expo. There was no place to sit in the machine, though it looked like a ride, a sweet one too. But, there was a pedal. I had no option or door to leave that place. To hell with it, I stepped on the pedal. And I heard a bubble popping sound.

It was too bright for the night, there was a lot of commotion, the environment was vociferous, and I heard, “vande Mataram, Jai hind”. I thought to myself, “when did people get this patriotic to go on rallies at this hour of the night?” The vision was still too bright for me to notice anything, which I later figured out, I was looking at the eye of a fire torch (dumb huh?). The wall in front of me was no more, “finally!!!!! that freaky thing scared the hell out of me for minute, good its gone, but why is everybody dressed so traditionally and with big mustache, like Barathiyar?, must be a ramp walk show( they took it  a little too literally perhaps)”. I ran to my grandmother’s house, only to see that it was not there.

I turned around, asked others where was the house, but they were too ignorant. They didn’t even notice me. I was dressed so incongruent as well. And I was feeling so out of time as well. I tried to evesdrop what they were talking about and I understood only 60% of their language. It was too oldschool. Then did I realise that it was not them at that time, but it was me in that year. 1947, we had gotten independence. It was so loud and a happy environment. So full of spirit and I heard, “This may be the night time, but let us light this night with our spirits, and passion, and fire that this night, marks the dawn of a new era. We will rise from the ashes and we will succeed as we have great leaders like Nehru ji,  Mahatma Gandhi Ji and many youngsters with  boiling blood like Bhagat Singh and many more to help us reach the top. This night is our defining moment and we will not fall.” I felt pity after thinking about the present leaders Demagoguing for power and money. All effort of these people go to the gutter?

There was also a puppet show going on to spread humour, which was like Gandhi hitting the oppressors with his stick and they running away. I found it funny because, Gandhi ji being a non violent man, was running around with the stick in his hand being the red dressed guys. But, I saw the people standing in the group and the person who was speaking. The confidence and patriotism was obvious in his voice and the way he looked at people. It could go through their soul. I felt the need to be the part of that group, but I was being vacuum sucked back to this alley. I tried to hold on to the pol but, could not hold anything. I was whorled back to the freak machine and my head hit the arch.

“Ouch”, I open my eyes. I am in my room, in the hostel. It is today, and yesterday was our independence day. I figured out that it was a dream (or maybe not), but I still feel the pain when I am writing about it. But, the words I heard are like carvings in my mind. I can never forget them. So much enthusiasm, not for the sweets to be received but for the freedom we were receiving. Anyway, its not like a time travel exactly but I thought, the name suits better.

Anyway, got to go now, lunch time. Already missed my breakfast. See you all later take care. (:

With love and respect, Adha.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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