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Happy Ending, An illusion?

“And they lived happily ever after. THE END”
Something, found in every story book in our childhood, but not once in real life cases. Moreover, its quite the opposite, people love screwing over already screwed people. Oohhh. That’s something to pity about. Yet, we hope for a day when everything will be all right, perfectly trouble free. Everyone feels so, but the reality may never change. The thought of good days in a single word, may be related to “hope” and it is something which will exist till the end of the world. And, probably the last hope would be dedicated to the point that, if only Earth could exist for few more years. Anyway, diving back into the topic, what do you fee about happy endings? Let’s take a trip into your memories, shall we?

How many times have you earned for a better end to an argument? How many times have you compromised with your requirements? How many times have you sacrificed for others? And what are the things which you miss the most, can you get them back? How many times have you decided not to be too good to others anymore ? Not to be the nice guy in the gang? Your answers to these questions may be favourable to you or not. But the conspicuous point here is that one man’s happy ending is other man’s doom.

Happy endings are not actually endings and there is always a life after that. And rather a more troublesome one, perhaps? Maybe. We make some decisions and not all the decisions are wise enough. We all mess up, but let me not get all negative. After all, the conclusion is not a negative one.

When is it know to us that there are no happy endings in Life, we might think that this obviates the illusion of hope as well which is just self hypnotism.

But, we would not be proud humans if we do not have the ability to hope for things. Hope, is the only thing which fuels us to reach our destiny. If we loose hope, we are not worthy to be humans. So hope for the best and stay happy in the present. After all, the future is yet to come and we are the architects of our own future.

Illusion is sometimes very much necessary on life for a happy life. Relate it to anything, anything at all. Like, we imagine that a person needs us and talk to that person with all our ego set aside. Though the fact mayb entirely different. But still the hope males us do that. The hope that we will live problems free someday is the energy that drives us to solve all the problems today. So, dream a lot, keep contemplating.

With love and respect, Adha.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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