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Lead Simple Life, But think Magnanimously

Hello people, I hope all of you are doing good. This is a topic which is best loved when the adjectives are vice versa. Think simple, but be humongous. Yet, we have this verse in front of us. Well, this is not something which I am just talking or blogging about, but something which I really fancy enough to do in the coming future. Every human being would want to earn more than their present earnings. How much ever be it, people want more. People want to have excess but not just right or less. For they might need it, just in case. What are we getting my accumulating that much wealth? What is the use of  such opulence? And moreover, why do we need to share ?

Ask yourself a question, how much money would you need to live a life where all you wishes are fulfilled and you live happily ever after? Take few seconds and fix a number in your mind. I hope you have the number in you mind right now. Now, write down, what all you want to have in your life , with that money? Take 2 minutes. Am sure that you wrote your list, or have a list in your mind. I am positively confident that you still have a lot of money left which you are not using. Now, how many of you are ready to give it up to those who do not have enough? Be honest people. Whatever be the answer to this question, it does not matter to me, but you would have known the fact about yourself. What type do you come in? And it is not wrong to be in the group which negates the notion of sharing that excess money in you bank. After all, it is your hard earned money (hopefully).

For those of you who said no, there must be  valid reason. After all, you have what you want. Then why not give others what they want as well? Let us be a little noble. You get nothing except interests in the bank by accumulating everything. Instead, if you share, you get to make people happy. You will be needed by others, you will be satisfied with your life. And all these are the ultimate purpose of life. Is it not? Being human, is also defined by the act of being useful to other humans or contributing to the development of society. Try it out, start by sharing a little. You will start to enjoy its worth to such extent that after a point of time, you will do with in your complete volition.

As for those of you who said yes, again, ask yourself another question, is it so that you would not be able to survive without the things you have ? There are some things which are dispensable. I am sure there are a lot of things. But still, to be on the good side of you people, let’s stick to the point that there are few expendable things. Why not give up on them. Help more people. Why not lean use your needs, prioritise your needs and fulfill them only if they are very much required for your survival. This way, you get to be useful for more number of people. 

There was a person names Oscar Schlindler, from Germany, during the Nazi rule. He was one among the followers of Hitler, or “so called follower”. He saved almost 4000 Jewish people from Hitler’s tyranny. He had sold almost every penny of property he had to just add one more person to the list, everytime. Later, after his death, he was awarded Man of the Millennium award. The act of commendable.

So, earn more and share more, dream big to earn more, not for your own selfish needs but to be in a status to never say no to a person who asks your help. Be in a position to help. Earn more for that. Live a simple life.  That will be happier when you have more people around you than more money.

With love and respect, Adha.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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