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A Ten Rupees Note

A bizarre topic to blog about, but yet a topic that might make you realise the importance of money. It does not mean that, if one never spends much, he/she knows the value of money. The point is not what it is worth just to you, but what it can help us do. For what it was made. For what is the point of having the Great Mahatma Gandhi’s picture in it. For why is there even a point for us to worry about just 10 Rs.

The money which is in your purse is worth a fortune and no one better than yourself could know the value or the story behind it. Even in this 21st century, there are people in the world whose average income for a day is roughly around 10Rs. For we may have hundreds of such papers which says 10Rs, in our purse. But, it will never be used for the worth. As, also, 10Rs is worth a lot. It can be enough money which a person needs to have a tea, water packet, and depending on the need.

Ever wondered why do we have a picture of an old guy, I mean the bald guy in the 10Rs bill? Yeah, ofcourse, you know who he is, but do we know why is he there? There are many reasons which might be related to him, but I would like to emphasise on a point which focusses more on being a leader. Helping the poor, sharing it with others and most important of all, being honest and worthy of being an Indian.

Every time we look at the great person, we should be reminded of the times where our ancestors were struggling for freedom and equality. For everytime we look at him, we should be titillated with the feel of patriotism. For everytime we see him, we should be helping others with volition. This world is too big for a single person and too small separated minds. Let us be one. Be there for all, and one for all.

Donate, share, be magnanimous, and still never get complacent about the deed. Do more and I bed happiness will once and for all be all around you. Benedictions, where ever you go. May God bless you.

With love and respect, Adha.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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