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She Texts Me, She Texts Me Not

An internal psychological dispute to whether the person is going to contact you or not. Have you not had it ? Ever? I bet, you did. And so have I or anyone else. Is she/he thinking about me? If so, why is the one not texting me? Is the one busy with someone else ?

Few of the exasperating questions which pop up in our mind.  Lying in the dacomesd wondering about that one. It’s been ages since we talked, almost an year now and suddenly the phone beeps, and there is a message, How are you? Heart pumps with joy. The happiness of a potential rejuvenation of an almost dead friendship.

The reply leads to a series exchange of pleasantries and then comes the actual thing. The threshold breaks. All that anger in her, all that kill you intentions. Scold you for about an hour and still angry at you. Getting scolded is one side, but the feel of being missed by the other person, incomparable. Total disparity between the thoughts and actions, acting cool yet laughing happily like an idiot for no apparent reasons.

And then comes the point where she shows that she really missed you and talks all the sweet talk. And asks, do you have any work ? Eyelids dropping down, feeling super drowsy And yet saying that I do not know, what about you. Vanished for some time and cones back for a good talk. That’s friendship. A long missed friendship. I have one like this. I wish you all have it too. But do not miss to wish her on her birthday. Oops.

With love and respect, Adha.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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