a piece of my mind

The Moonlight Effect

Just a audacious attempt to write about the nocturnal lifestyle of people.

The title will not be in par with the content. This title has been used just to titillate the reader. It surely feels good when we are on top of a humongous building and as the wind brushes our ears. Most of the people in the present generation are nocturnal in nature. I am sure about this as I have had multiple experiences.

I felt this first when I was preparing for my 12th board exam. Parents can be pretty dictatorial in nature. Our words are not vociferous enough for them to pay attention too. So, that was the first time I was awake till 2 am, owing to my then upcoming pre board exam. It was feeling conspicuously equanimous. I was placid and I could concentrate more.

But, being nocturnally active can be effective in detrimentally changing our metabolism as well. As they say, there are always strings attached. But who cares, we are youngsters, and if we are not living with our parents, the argument obviates our early sleep. Late night birthday celebrations, movie nights, midnight voraciousness for confections, 6 hour continuous gaming and then sleeping in classes or at work. Am sure almost everyone has had these epic days.

It is good to be spending your time with the night but, let’s be in limits. Because, post potent age would be very maleficent for us if we continue the same lifestyle. Have fun in a controlled manner.


I am writing this post, sitting in a classroom and yawning at the boring lecture and with a energetic evening sky out of my reach.

With love and respect, Adha.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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