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When Winning Is Everything

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel the need to win, whatsoever? The period where nothing else matters but the competition? Have you felt the urge to go to any extreme without thinking about the consequences just for the sake of victory ? Be it any field, business, education, sports, singing, anything at all?

Your answer to the above polymorphously put up single question may be yes or no, but I guess most of us would have been in the situation where our answer would be yes. We may have won or lost, yet, we had that feeling. There are multiple reasons for that kind of obsessiveness. Top few reasons are competitive arousal, spotlight and emotional feelings. The result of our participation in such a scene would have either given us an unequitable victory or grave defeat because of our unequanimity.

But, other than these reasons, we are compelled in some situations where we have to get it. It is the case similar to either do or die. We have to win. My personal experience, I felt this during my first interview which was about a week ago. Not that I won, but still I had to win. I lost, it hurt, I suffered, I rose up, and now I stand back up. Sometimes, the thought of victory drives us to the same victory.

We can choose to let go, or we can choose to keep trying. But perseverance is a quality which makes people shake mountains. And we should keep trying. When the thought of “winning is everything” springs in your. Remember to see through the illusion, see the big picture. Be mindful of what is at stake, because these are the situations which make even big and grate businessmen to loose their cool and commit a blunder. All because of the idea to win over someone which doesn’t even matter after the short moment. But, the lose is hurtful. So, be mindful of the risks you take.

After all, winning is everything in the society. Because that is the present short term paradigm. Live in the zenith.


With love and respect, Adha.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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