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#70 The Tattoo Effect

Hello people, good morning if you day is starting and hope you had a great day if your day is ending. This post would be about my first tattoo (temporary ofcourse), but big enough to be creepy or wierd to some people. It took me around 2 hours to get this done. Courtesy of my hostel mate, Arun, a consummate artist whose adroitness for the skill of tattooing is recently increasing among the hostelers.

Anyway, waiting for the tattoo to dry up is a very tiring process. And I was left out the touch if pain as it is a temporary one. As I walked to the canteen for break fast, I noticed some eyes rolling around me and gossiping. I didn’t know what were they talking about and felt really wierd. Yes, it feels super wierd when everyone stares at us with a blank face and in awe especially when we have no clue of what they are think about, whatsoever. When a friend jumped in front of me asking what was the tattoo for? That moment I figured out the reason. And then I explained him.  And the very moment some authority people show up, I was freaking out that they might come poking their nose in others stuff. Well, that’s what they are best at, after all.

So, I was just wondering that, if a temporary tattoos need this much of guts and determination. How about a real one ? What would they go through for the first time? In addition to the pain, the prejudiced comments from audience. The skeptism with which they are seen. Moreover, I have seen people who have tattooed their entire torso. Whooaaa, makes me gasp.

But, its just fashion and we do not have to be dichotomized about it. We do not have to judge anyone on the basis of their skin colour (tattoos add colour, I am implying that as well). So, hats off to all those who get tattooed and all shiny. Kudos.

A big ass tattoooo

That would be THA Tattoo and Me. Just focus on the tattoo. Not me. I know its a troll.

With love and respect, Adha.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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