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#67 Censoring and Editing Programs


       Television has been and most likely, will remain the most popular source of on spot entertainment. Various channels telecast various programs of diverse genre and rating. There is always a dilemma on how much of violence or romance or a typical bedroom scene to be showed on television programs. Since some movies and multiple series come at a high degree of violence and profanity, airing it on television worldwide may seem irresponsible as the channels are accessible to children and they are more vulnerable to see age inappropriate violence.

       Owing to such assumptions and theories, the television content and movies are rated and censored in India before airing in television. Many scenes of adult rating are either removed by edition or blurred during broadcast. This seems good because, it reduces the chance and probability of children to be exposed to hardcore violence and obscenity and also prevents people like pregnant women, old timers with heart conditions from viewing inappropriate programs.

       The cable or dish connection services for television are not free of cost. People get to select the channels and the type of programs they wish to watch. So, before choosing their channel list, people should know about the contents of the programs shown and select them only if they are willing to watch it. If they do not wish to watch movies or any programs of such genre, they might as well not choose it. There is no necessity to control the contents of program.

       The censor board need not edit the program before telecasting it. It is better that the people getting offended by such programs , not subscribe for it. Capping the amount of violence or any other content is just a mere attempt, displaying over reaction by a particular audience and the government.

With love and respect, Adha.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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