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#66 Is Being Successful and Having Money Synonymous?

The present world is more inclined to monetary availability with an individual for him to be considered either successful or an aspiring personality. Is money the only requirement in this physical world to be happy? How would a world without money be like ? What does the word successful, implicate on the lifestyle and the career of a person?

   To lead a happy and a contended life, one needs the things they want without much effort. This can be achieved if one has a surplus supply of money, which will help them buy it. But, materialistic satisfaction is not the only thing which is foremost. Despite it. There are many things that cannot be reimbursed. Bring a human, everyone needs the company of fellow humans and their love, to lead a complaint free life.

Fancying a situation where we conclude, that money is not the ultimate solution, what will a world without money be like? We have lived for centuries on this system that we cannot use any alternative means. We need a medium to trade commodities with. Owing to inflation caused by multiple reasons, the value of the currency varies and thus the monetary race begins. So, it is safe to say that money is an important obligation without which the world will be in chaos.

Being in a high paid job position does not necessarily mean that the person is happy and successful. To be successful, one must be in a position or the job which he adores. And even if a person earns extraordinarily well, true success lies with the way he shares his excess resources among the people nearby and consequently making everyone happy. A person working in his field of interest with a decent pay is no less than a successful man. Success is worth it only when it is worked hard for. We should amass the topic by agreeing to the fact that, money is not the only criterion to be successful but rather, one among the rest.

With love and respect, Adha.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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