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#65 The Birthday Diplomacy

Let me Start this article by wishing myself once again, a very very happy and a lovely birthday and consequently also thanking everyone who wished me today and also 3 days ago by mistake. That tends to happen when one has to remember a lot of birthdays, but its the thought that counts. So thank you all.

One will always agree that a being greeted feels good and it must be added at this point that being greeted at exactly 12 for whatsoever reason be it, feels great. Though that ticking sound of the clock was more crucial which after the settling of phone constantly reminds of the memory fragments of past 20 years or whatever of it left in my storage. Lots of decisions, lots of anger, thousands of acquaintance and the surreal feeling of infinite love.

It is rightly said that the lifetime is never enough for anything, it is always short. And so was the teenage. One would be ready to start over from scratch just given the opportunity to use the reset button in his menu. But, it is no more the fantasy of a 20 year old guy to fancy such things. After all, one has his complete set of teeth, indicating the fact that wisdom tooth are already in the existence. Though we might need few twitches for the glitches by an orthodontist, still its called wisdom for a reason.

People tend to have difficulty in remembering their friends birthday and I would not be against the fact that there are few people who forget everybody’s birthday. Not that they are suffering from a long term amnesia but still they forget. And being one among them it is not uncommon to not expect much wishes but still when so many turn up wishing for our birthday. It sure does feel good.

Not having done any special purchases for the birthday sucks, but, it is always better to do something new. This birthday is special for lot of things. It is my first blog birthday and also a birthday which signifies end of teenhood and pushing me to adultage. To be frank with myself, not asking for gifts though but unlike rest of the years,  expecting at least one.

Thank you once again for all those who wish me for this normal yet hyped up day of my life. (:

With love and respect, Adha.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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