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#59 The Freak Show in My Mind

I complete my pre-final year  this summer and welcome my final year, the home run  I never gave much thought about what I want to do in the future after my B.Tech. So it was never an issue until now. Where ever I go, who ever I see, ask me one question which is simple yet superfluous enough to irritate me. Why are you going to do after B.Tech?, What is you current GPA?, When are your placements?. Some of the reactive answers popping in my mind are for these questions are, suicide, 10, who gives a shit? respectively as if they are going to believe everything I say.  Do adults have no other topic to ask or talk about? Are they really that jobless to keep planning on whom to attack next with the same set of horrifying questions. But when I gave a little thought on the topic, I have many ideas about what I want to do. And precisely, that is the problem. That’s ironical and perhaps this is how nature cracks a joke maybe.

It was last night when I was working out for GATE preparations that it struck me to pursue my higher education abroad. But I have always wanted to go for a job after my B.Tech and have some fun in life. And then, I also want to work in DRDO, for which GATE exam is must. And also GATE is useful for both job and higher studies in India. But what about abroad, that is once in a life time opportunity. I have to prepare for GRE and IELTS for that.  And there is INDIAN NAVY, which fancies me a lot. And among these, I have to make a plan which fits in a LAW degree for me somehow. I personally feel that studying abroad might be a better option but yet I miss other options. I literally miss everything else other than what I choose. Its like, I want it all.

Wow, I just reread it and seems like some career greedy kid in serious screw up of available choices. And I hope, I will get to the right conclusion as time goes. Or maybe some stranger might just shoot out of nowhere and give me a solution to all my troubles and issues. That would be great. Really, I am serious.

And by the way, just 6 more teen days left in my life. And this is how I spend them? Pathetic. LoL

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With love and respect, Adha B-)

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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