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#57 Voracious Like Hunters (Mother’s Day Festivity)

Good day or night people.
Owing to mother’s day, I have been seeing many people posting a picture in Facebook with their mom and captioning, “I love you mom, Happy mother’s day.” To all those who have done it, why do you have to post online that you love your mother? If you really did, go on and tell her, at least she will feel very happy. There is no point posting in Facebook. Do you not realise it yet. All of us are almost above 18 and still, acting like infants?

The only two probabilities are either you are not mentally mature to tell you mother that you love her and very scared to even talk to her or you are a like hungry crazy person who just needs more likes and comments on Facebook. This is as simple as that, mother is a form of sentiment here and people tend to like a PIC which says, I Love You Mom with a picture of the person and his or her mother hugging each other.

She is your mother, not a tourist spot to use online for likes. Do not do this. You might think me as a critic, but I am not. It would be okay if it was not so hyped up. But, as even you could notice, everybody is contributing to their love attenuation.

Love is not something which can be shown online, go to your mother, hug her and shout I Love You Mom. That will make her day. Not some random Facebook post with some likes. IT DOESN’T MATTER.

Please do not think wrong about me. Am a simple guy just sharing his views. And if you think hard, even you would feel it.

I am a guy who lives away from my mom and I know the pain of not able to meet her and hug her to say that I love her. In that case, I am very happy for all those who could do that. Go take the leap. Show your love. Keep her happy, not just for today but forever. Promise yourself that this mother’s day.

Please convey my best wishes to your mother.

Its not a festival, its a feeling.

Feel free to say a hi or comment. Friends are always welcome.
With love and respect, Adha B-)

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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