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#56 I am Still a Teen

With exactly a month and a day left for my teen life to get over, lots of things in my mind. Something’s were meant to be as they are and some were meant to be different. I am still only 63 Kg light, just 185 cm tall, still virgin, still single( perhaps that’s my fault), and still a well wishing asshole for others. What did change was I started growing think beard, new wisdom tooth peeking out, first kiss( do not ask ), became an eggitarian from Mr. Vegetarian. All this happened in my teen and that too many it in my last teen.

But I suddenly feel that everything is so fast. I need to get a hold of stuffs. I am just a teen, the same kinda kid who sees a new released movie in a piracy print just before my final exams. Still the same guy who steals food from his friends plate when they turn to the other side. Why is life so cruel, after this month probably, everybody will really see me as an adult, which can get pretty hazardous. No more easy escapes ?? That’s scary thought.

So, what am I supposed to feel like?? This is my last month as a teen. I had planned lot to do in my teens but not even half were done. This makes me think about something, something philosophical. Life never goes the way you want it to be. Well, if life can be that determined, I am more of a badass. I will get what I want in my early adulthood.

I will carry all my teen hood along with me to the adulthood but I will add a pinch of responsibility to myself. Anyway, I plan to make the most out of my mast teen month. After all, I change from a teeny guy to a mature man( at least officially ). So, why waste the last month?? Love it to the core.

Last teen month? What are the possibilities?

After all, I am still a teen. Kudos. Wish my luck people.

Feel free to say a hi or comment. Friends are always welcome.
With love and respect, Adha B-)

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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