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#55 Time, please go slow

Everything happens over a blink of an eye. Darn it. It never slows Down. And if anything happens at all, it will be getting faster. And time is never going back. Neither are the people who left us coming back. It is what we are now that may stay in future. Live life to the fullest.

Sister is growing up, parents are getting old, people are getting married. Am scared. This change is new. And I am not ready for this. And time is moving so fast that I am going to be uncle in few months. Yes, my cousin is going to have a baby. The eldest sister of my cousin’s monkey group. I am going to be Uncle.

I am going to my final year of my college life. Campus interview is going to be here anytime. I will have to be ready for a job. I should become responsibly. My sister is still young, have to save money for her marriage. I want my parents to turn older much slower. This is way too fast. Time, please watch tour speed. I am not able to keep up. I am still a teen ( at least for 1 more month ). I do not want to face this. I am not ready yet. But before I could realise anything, it will be too late.

Time, you are not dependent on anyone, you do not have to care about anyone. But guess what, I do not care about you too. But what more can I do? I cannot stop you. You are a juggernaut. Time: the juggernaut. So, please give me time to adapt to this. Few more years. I want to savour my life. Delay my end of teens for a few more years. I am still a single guy with not much friends but lots and lots of acquaintances.

Time, slow down please. You cannot stop but atleast slow down.

Feel free to say a hi or comment. Friends are always welcome.
With love and respect, Adha B-)

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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