#52 The Pimple Affair

Today, I saw a question on quora. The question was,

I feel shy when I go out with my friends while having pimples on my face. I don’t feel good from the inside. What should I do?

I wanted to answer this elaborately here. Because this might be useful to many people. We all really do care about the way we look. We might claim to be ignorant about the fact but deep down we all know that is the truth. Having acnes on our face does affect our self confidence at times. But we can avoid that awkwardness by just adding few ideologies to your already awesome attitude. I have many friends who feel the same way to but i would first like to thank the person who raised it.


Pimples or acnes are kind of a dermatitis on our face. They are different levels to it. To say in medical terms, different degrees. Well, they are a natural concept but the effect they have on us is pretty disturbing. I am talking about the psychological effect. It makes us feel inferior and blasts our self confident to infinite many pieces. And when people begin to care a little about this, it gets their attention completely in a small span of time. For treatment of acnes all I can say is use some anti acne creams, drink lots of water and all. But I have something to say for the psychological betterment.

First of all, it doesn’t matter that much. After all it is just an acne, a tiny plumpy thing on your face, what can it possible do? You are stronger than that. If you really care about people’s opinion about you when you go out, it will really make your life a living hell. Do not get too conscious about it. You don’t need to. When you go out with your friends, in this case just make sure you have fun. Do not bother what people think about you.

Pimple is a temporary thing unlike many good relationships. So, if someone is genuinely interested in you or your friendship, they wouldn’t bother about the pimple. Mature people do not care about those. And people will like you for the person you actually are. You do jot have to hide. Live life freely. Accept it the way it is. When you decline an offer from your friend to go out, imagine how they might feel on your ignorance. They might get hurt. Give importance to your friends feeling first that considering what some stranger might think about you.

You are not going talk to all the strangers you meet or neither are you going to have a permanent relationship with all of the strangers. So, you really do not have to care about it. You know you look good, I know that you do. So accept the fact and move on. And even if you are going to have a really long lasting and good relationship with the person. They would definitely see you for who you are and not for the skin you have. I have recently realised that looks are not the only important things for a good relationship when I saw one of my close friend and her boy friend. The sooner you realise it, the much fun you will have out of life..

Feel free to say hi or comment. Always glad to make friends. (:

With love and respect, Adha B-)

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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