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#50 Asleep in the Deep

To the people who were deeply affected by the earthquake. I dedicate this post.

Yesterday’s earthquake was a nasty business with a magnitude of 7.9 in Nepal and some parts of India as well. Many died and a lot more were injured. The count is still increasing and death tolls reaches over 1800. We all show our deepest sympathies to everyone who was out there and unfortunately under the rubble too. Just imagine how many children where crushed, how many pregnant women were smashed, how many people suffocated and gave up their life.

Source: google

It is even more hurting for those who are alive by losing their loved ones. All alone through a miserably tough times like this. People must join together. Show mutual response and unity in building up the society again. From here all I can do I spread awareness among people and donate through some means whatever I can which without procrastinating, I will.

We are always at nature’s mercy. We may claim ourselves to be the supreme authority but there is always something about us, Nature. We can destroy its beauty but it can complete destroy humanity if it gets apocalyptic.

Source: ndtv

Those who are luckily alive today would have realised the importance if the person they lost in their life. The value of a relation if at all they didn’t realise it before. But they will have a new meaning for life, a new life perhaps, just returned from the gates of hell. Was a very close call. Am sure they would start respecting people a lot more and showing love and no contempt or resentment by not being hostile to their fellow mates. It will definitely be hard for them to get back to their Normal way of life but they have to overcome this. Life has to go on. People will heal on time. They just need to have faith and a lot of support from other fellow human being. The support part is our responsibility as it is a time of crisis for Nepal, but they faith and hope part is their will.

Donate how much ever you can and you wish to. Because nobody can ever quantify your good deeds and caring doesn’t mean vulnerability.

And all I can wish to Nepal and the people who were affected is, be a phoenix. Rise from the ashes and debris and catapult yourself to a new era as wonders happen only after a disaster. Bringing joy and hope to all.

With love and respect, Adha B-)

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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