#48 I Am a Fish

Me as a fish…

Am starting this post with, What if? The answer we will never know but we can hope or imagine certain things by involving both optimism and pessimism with life’s approach to me. Anyway, this was me as a fish.


I was free in the water with no fear except for becoming a desert the bigger species in the world. I went out on my daily errand, bidding bye to my family and telling them that I will be back for dinner. It was lunch time, andi was looking for food, I saw a disgustingly delicious worm and I swam to it before it could escape and all o heard was myself burping after eating it. My tongue was stuck on something. I suddenly lost my balance and was dragged out of the river. I was a long way from home.

The evil creature with very loose and multi coloured skin put me in a transparent plastic bag filled with water. I shouted, pleaded, wept, tears rilling down my slick fishy cheeks but I was shown no mercy. The creature kept showing me it’s protruding deformity which was split in five parts at the end which I later figured out to be its fin like mine. Weird. I for once remembered my buddy Nemo. Anyway he was long gone. I was still feeling nostalgic and it was dinner time. I was supposed to be at home. But my unfortunate fate had something else in mind for me.

I was fallen inside the creatures living shell. Still in the bag and I was feeling bag sick. It was getting tough to breathe. I was suffocating while I was released into a jar. A glass jar on top of a ice making device which they fondly called as The Fridge. I could see a reflection of myself on the other end of the wall. And I was seeing myself for the first time. Damn, I was tiny, Cute though. Other fish girls would fall for me, my mind echoed. I was silvery, slick, cone headed, slightly muscular fish. I liked myself And maybe the creatures which brought me here too liked me.

But I had heard rumours in the village that fishes which get missing are eaten up by boiling at extreme unbearable temperatures. shivers went through me. Anyway, I was not cooked or eaten. Lucky me. I could always hear the creatures fighting, shouting, tensed. No time for families or anything else. It was pathetic. At times I have felt jealous of their physical supremacy or me. But when I saw this side of their life, I was happy to be me. Jolly, carefree, at nature’s mercy. Life is fun. Loot it AF much as you can. Loot fun. 

And life is short too. I say this because today they decided to cook me. I guess they don’t like me after all. And they still don’t understand me. Anyway, bye. Got to go. Creature’s waiting to eat me. Take care. Will see you when I am something other than a fish.

With love and respect, Adha B-)

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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