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#47 Relation between Beard and Love failure

I am tired of people asking me around if I had a love failure. Come on. Is a guy not allowed to grow beard without any specific reason? Well, when I thought about it, few reasons popped up in my mind and some reasons where shown by people. I now have a beard almost 1 month old. So its pretty thick compared to my general beard years. Imagine a situation when you get to meet a person after a long time. Perhaps, a good old friend or consider a person who is in a higher position than you. When you talk to the person after a long time or for a very important work, how would you feel when they keep staring at your beard and after everything you have said or asked, they reply you with, “Did you have a love failure?”  (Are you kidding me ?)

Well, having a beard has its pros and cons, one of the main thing is that it gives you a look of a man prone to violence. I was confused whether to put it to pros or cons part. Because that might just come handy when you are in a fuckup situation or might make a girl run away from you ( sorry about that).

Returning to the topic, why do people relate me to Devdas( a topical Indian character known specifically for love failure). And I do not see any rule that a person who had failed in his love should have a beard. People claim so because, the guy becomes so sad, pathetic, obsessed with the partner’s thoughts, that he does not have time to shave or trim. Or at least that’s what the movies show. But there is no such thing in reality. Its just an expression which you need not take seriously and ask around everyone with a beard that whether he had a love failure. Its just hair that grows regularly.

So stop judging people by their beard or for that part, anything.

PS: Damn, it is itchy… Arghhhhhh…. And uh, good night. (:

With love and respect, Adha B-)

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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