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#45 The Point Of No Return

Is there really a point where we can’t let go of anything ???

We all would have experienced some things in our life which would aggravate for no apparent reasons without any sceptical aspect to it but leads to a situation where you cannot come out of it. You were unknowingly so involved in it that now, it is impossible for you to come out of it. Well, if you have had it, am glad that I am not the only one. But coming to the topic, why does that happen?

This line has been a popular concept of many gangster movies. But its not just about the negatives, there are many other things. To put in a song term for this sentence, how about if I call it as addiction? Would that sound right? Acceptable? But why is it so hard to get it out of our system. For few it may be difficult to get it out. But there are few unfortunate or apparently fortunate enough to be impossible to let it go. Brave souls.

And also age plays an important role in helping us change our ideology. You would have seen that it is rather difficult for old timers to accept the present culture and way of living. Since they have seen everything to be how it used to be, they find it unacceptable. No other specific reason. And that is why it is easy to shape our ideas as children.

Another factor is our ego. Once we commit ourselves to an idea, it becomes ridiculously highly prestigious to not adhere to it. So, be it right or wrong, some people tend to stick by it only because their ego would get hurt otherwise. And there is no point in arguing that group of people because they will not return to the reality even if they have the chance to. Eve. After knowing everything is wrong. And I am sure they will drift off from their idea in the near future. (Hoping for the best)

So, why so serious ? Let’s talk about love. Am sure you do love someone or few many unconditionally. And you cannot let go of them whatever be the scenario or situation. Thus is also a type of addiction, but to a person instead of a materialistic addiction. You might get hurt by that very person or people multiple times but still you cling on. That is the point of no return. You just can’t let go or dump them. Could you? Ya, I have been there too. Many may say that love happens only once and you do not qualify to love again if you are a failure the first time. There is no such thing as one love. Though there is no such things as multiple simultaneous love as well (That’s just fooling around). When you cannot fancy yourself in a good relationship the first time it didn’t work out. It is never your fault, it just , didn’t work out between you two. So just move on. Because, you see, life goes on. And it should. That’s the miracle of life and time. You see unbelievable and impossible things once, some time ago. But they do happen. You move on.

Even for chain smokers and alcohol consumers, there is something which could always help you quit it. But you should be willing to work for it. Your will power and a little encouragement. That’s all you need. I have helped 3 of my friends to quit smoking and I am proud to say that. I really am. They had the balls and determination to stick to their will power. And they are happy and healthy now. No more threat of induced lung cancer or liver failure. Just go for it. Give it up. You will see a new yourself. Perceptive of everything. Welcoming and the life of the party kind of person you always were deep within. Just a push to the good side. And here you are. Push yourself. Take the step. Jump high.

So, as to conclude the post, I end up contradicting the title. There is no such thing as the point of no return. There is always a way. You just have to wait and open the right door with determination. All that matters is your will power and mentality and the strength to move on. Making your life. Crafting every inch of it. Live it not spend it.

With love and respect, Adha B-)

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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