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#44 The TRAI trail

Save the internet.

The title may not be the apt one for this but you should read. Save the internet.
Most of the people do not like their network providers but if you do like them, you will just loose it anyway in some time. The telecom providers have appealed for an act which will make us pay a lot for using internet. It will also enable them to earn a lot more. (As if they are begging on streets right now ?)

This act will make us pay separately for different website usages.

There is a concept called as net neutrality , this says that every website should be available to the user at equal speed and accessibility once they have availed the data plan. But enabling the current OTT plan will allow the network providers to have a cut from the usage of data for a particular site.

They are going to rob us in broad daylight.
For more detail, you should watch the video on YouTube.
save the internet

And if you want to stop this from happening we need to send complaint to the TRAI against this. We can mail them. Click the URL below and just copy and paste the answers to the 20 questions. And send it to the TRAI.
if they get enough complaint , we can stop this from happening in our country. We need to send the complaints before 24th April 2015. Please be fast people. Just mail them whoever you are, any country, any one. Just send a complaint. Its simple.

Many countries have already applied net neutrality. As people who use Internet regularly if is our right to get internet at constant speed and uninterrupted and unirritating bandwidth  once we have availed it or paid for it.

Save the internet. Click below for the URL.

Send the mail to TRAI. Its worth it. And spread the information to every body you know who uses internet. Just do not let it be scammed. Spread the news.

With love and respect, Adha B-)

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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