#43 The Gut to Run away

To run away to a developed city where life is hell and if will shit us out if we are slow and live my life to the normal by every possible means.


When it comes to my fantasies. What I want to do? Something unusual. Not a part of daily life. The first thought in my mind is my wish to run away to someplace and survive there.

I want to run away to some top numbered city with Money or resources with me. Just the set of cloths am wearing at the moment. Get in trim and say a temporary bye to my then present life. All sorrows and worries of the then present life left in that very bus stand or a train station wherever I take off from. Get in vehicle without ticket.( I prefer train, less chances of getting caught ). And reach the place.

I will not money to eat or job to do. No communication, no Facebook or WhatsApp. Well, in my case, no blogging too. First thing would be to get something to eat. I don’t know what I will do but I expect to learn and actually see all the simple and small opportunities lying in front of me. Which I usually cannot see when I am in this comfort zone of my life. I have to step out and when I run away that way. I would have jumped off my comfi-zone.

Maybe I would work as a porter Or whatever that could get me some money to buy food or anything that could suffice my hunger, even if at all partially. That way I will know the actual life. Not the one set up by my parents and friends and elders for my comfort. What I will be feeling then is real life. Should work my way up from the scratch.

Weigh every opportunity, if not available? Create one. We, Humans are intelligent. All we need is the right circumstances, to bring out the best in us. And when our very survival is at stake, we will blossom out our talents and skills. Be choosy on whom we trust cause that makes a hell of a difference. One small decision could get us to the wrong track as well. But, I want to be a better human who has realised the sufferings of an actual life as it is for a loner. So, I hopefully say I will not go in any bad things. But what us good or bad ? That is a separate another topic to discuss about.

If I come till here of getting me a job to feed me daily. I will see after that to come or raise to a position where am stable by myself. But life sometimes is cruel, if I be practical and think, maybe I will not survive till this. Maybe I will. But if I do. And come to a self stable situation where I carpentered every inch of my present. I will be confident enough to return back to people who miss me, if at all any.

Hopefully if they do not change their contact numbers? That would be a funny scenario.

With love and respect, Adha B-)

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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