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#42 Exam vs Blog

If you are preparing for exam. Do not read this. Probably you might stop studying. :p


First of all, all the best if u have your exams. Now, do I have to stop blogging when I am preparing for my exams? Because when we do not have enough time for studying, why blog and waste more time ? That is what the thinking or imagination capacity of common people is limited to. And if I stop blogging, I think my mark on this planet will b forgotten. The internet sees millions of users every second. And my tracks in the web would be obfuscated in milli seconds. So it is really hard to maintain a recognition.

And exams are meant to be something which should examine what you know, not what you can memorise and spit out in the answer paper. Which can be achieved by cheap and meaningless ranting. And I for one am a kind of person who studies, but not memorise. And it should test us of what we already know by attending classes and listening. That indicates the level of our skill index as well. I suggest that you stop freaking out for your exams and be relaxed l, because at the end you will write only what you know and what comes to your mind during the exam. Grab a chill drink and bottoms up. This might just help for the freakishly hot excruciating summer.


So? I guess the exams shouldn’t be a problem for me to write in my blog. And moreover. I got an exam coming in the next 30 mins. I just reached my exam hall. If you are wishing me luck, thank you. And if you too have a work. I suggest you go and carry with it. I will update my status later for sure. Have a happy day or night( depending upon your timezone ).

Happy browsing, peace (V)

With love and respect, Adha B-)

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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