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#41 Most Recent Crazy Thing I did

Contains a lot of unparliamentary words. Seriously, a lot. Do not read if you are a sissy or a clone of Buddha.

It was my exam time, around 20 days ago. I didn’t prepare anything. I was on a movie spree. That weekend I started watching movies. And before I could realise it was my first exam in next 30 mins. Holy fuck!!!!!!!

I went to the exam hall. Got the question paper. The questions were decent( not that I knew any answers). I was writing ( posing like writing) for 30 minutes and then did I realise, what the fuck am I doing ? I had no intentions to write the exam. Total zero fucking interest.
I folded and gave the question paper to the staff and marched my way out. With pride. And came back to room. Continued ma movie streak and made a record of 42 non stop movies continuously except for lunch and dinner break.

All others preparing for exam where cursing me. I was enjoying the moment. Was fun. Wow… Middle finger to rest of you all. And now, I have to write the coming exam. I can’t flunk this. Kind of a fucked up situation. And this one is full portion. Damn it.

Thumbs Up the question paper’s ass. Wish me luck. Thank you.

With love, Adha ❤

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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