#39 My Mind and I

The fight against my mind

Are we same or different
Because you, my mind are always ignorant
And I for instance do not what to be
But we always don’t get what we see
I want to be sentimental
But you always keep me logical
I want to feel love
But you make me quantify it
Don’t do this cause we are not in sync
And I can’t even have a peaceful drink
I feel like losing my mind
But I realise it will be troublesome in a kind
You drain all my energy
And spoil all my strategy
Do you hate me
Or am I too dumb to just see?
Let me know
Like this I do not want to grow
But now when I think of this
You are a part of me
You do what is good for me
Being logical and quantitative
And also staying intuitive
Is what you do to me
Without you I will not be stable
And I will not get angry on you till I lie dead on a table.

With love, Adha ❤

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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