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#38 The Ghost of My Past


Usually, I do not care about what has happened in my past. I never want to regret my decisions even though it turns out to be a disaster for myself. At least I will be proud of making the decision by myself. But recently, I have been thinking about my past. The days I spent in Delhi, Punjab, Gujarat, Chennai. Lots of memories and guilt. The first time I ever started it, Delhi. It broke my heart and I had to divert to make me feel better when I came to Gujarat. And lot more. This is going to be a mysterious post as I won’t be revealing whatever it is. Nobody knows this except me.

I have made some confessions in past but those did no help in that long term. They feel good in the instance but for the long run, I need to do something which is more prolonged in its result. And I will, which will remain a private thing till I feel completely fine with sharing it. It is not that I am proud of it. I fucked up. I know but still I will not do anymore. I will make my wrongs right. I just need a little strength to do that and encouragement from people. Anyway, whatever. Fuck it. Everything will be fine. It always gets fine. (:

With love, Adha ❤

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

14 replies on “#38 The Ghost of My Past”

S. And I make sure not to repeat it again. (:
And thank you for you encouragement. I appreciate it. And I feel supported. (: sweet of u. (:


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