#37 Why Do I Ever Care

The smile was fake

When everything was at stake

You were meant to be true

But I don’t know why the contempt just brew

This is the last time I smile for you

Because I used to care when I was with you

You left me for who is am

In the end its all just a scam

It never ever mattered

How hard I tried

At last I was the one who always cried

I kept everything inside

Even though I changed this much

What was the worth of it all

Just to watch you go

And never come back

So this is what I decide

That never would I hide

Whatever I feel and however I try

That I be me and you could be

Anything in the world but me

With us it is over,

I guess for you, it was never there

But why do I care

Since You don’t even stare

For all I care, that I used to know

But now, you are just cold dead snow.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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