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#32 The Mentality Of Typical Parents

I just read a troll which inspired me to write this, related to the WC 2015.

NZ player Guptil scored 237 in a match in this WC.

So he goes home and tell about this amazing to his father,

Had he been an Indian, His father would have told him,

what’s the big deal in it? Sharma ji’s son has scored 264( Rohit sharma against Sri Lanka)

Learn from him, you worthless.

Well, this made it pretty clear what I am trying to say. Parents why do you always have to compare and condescend your own son or daughter. This is not just for Indian parents.This one is for all those who constantly weigh their children with someone else. I said about Indian parents because I have seen this here. This may or may not be the case in any other country.

Have you seen how vignesh studies? He makes his parents proud. Why don’t you go to Jacob and learn to play like him. He is a great athlete. All you do is play that worthless noise box all day. Do something worthwhile. Sound familiar people? Most of you must have faced such situation or similar ones of course. If not, you are lucky. This is like comparing a Lion and an Eagle.

No relation between them but still comparing just to make you feel bad and work hard for it. What is the point of it? Every one is good at one thing or the other. You do not have to be one-dimensional. You can agree and encourage your child’s area of interest instead of trying to train him/her to whatever you fancy. We are humans too, not a circus money to be trained by a banana or two.

Have a little faith and trust on your kids, after all they are yours. if not you, who else will believe in them? and if you are so pessimistic around them, they will lose the hope and when there is no hope, there is no point of leading a life.

Please encourage children to bring out their full potential instead of seeing them like a reared race horses. As you all expect us to respect elders, we as children, expect you all to respect our interests.

With a little bit of encouragement, we will come out in flying colors. Please have some faith in us.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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