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#31 The Dominancy Of Older Generation On the Poor Innocent Present Generation

When I come to think about this, I get furious, I loose my cool because i was recently belittled by a person who is in a higher authority and I wouldn’t be naming him for my safety purpose. I was forced to get my hair cut. I mean why do they even care how does my hair look? Do they not have any other work? That was so immature. I am not being disrespectful to anyone. But why can you all old timers let us be how we want to be. Do not force us to live how you want us to. Its our life and we would with all due respect, write it by ourself.

Not just about this but you have been always blaming us for being happy for small things. What is the point of being a human with feeling if you are not allowed to enjoy the life the way it is meant to be? The time you lived and grew up was different and our is a different timeline totally. What pisses me off is that, you even expect us to talk and behave the way you think is right for us even in your absence. You are all being so dominant that we are forgetting ourself and getting frustrated. I for one am a person who when turns back at my life after some time wants to see me, not just you. It is my life.

I appreciate you being supportive, but you do not have to force me to think, eat and dress up like you. so please let us be the way we are. Even if it turns out wrong, we will be glad to know it by ourself. Instead of having you up our ass all the time.

And for you all, let us craft our own life and you will be surprised by the wonders we could do just because we were left undisturbed and allowed to have the satisfaction of doing and being whatever we want. Please trust us. We may not be a virtuoso in anything but we sure are persistent and dexterous.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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