#30 The Big Dreams of Small eyes

There was a kid who was called sid
He was 14 years old and short when he stood
He was innocent and naive
Elders found that funny and would often laugh
He wanted to be a political leader
For he wanted to bring his country to pinnacle
People would laugh at him
Just to make his will dim
But him, was a determined boy
And was not in his nature to be coy
He joined the party at the legal age
Got to know everything was just for stage
No one was same when not on stage
He felt like he was is a cage
His wings cut down
He was seen like a clown
Yet his desire to help people stayed
He started an organisation
To help the people of his nation
He did everything he could
No denial to Anyone
And was loved by all
He realised that helping is all that matters
Ranks and designations are nothing but attires
When patents asked for him to marry
All he did was parry
He dedicated his life for people
And was respected by every cripple.
And when he kicked the bucket
The irony was, he finally got the election ticket

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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