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#26 Just For The Pleasure Of It

Well. I was just reading the posts of our fellow bloggers, and I couldn’t help notice the smile on my face. I felt pleasant and calm. I had a feeling that people share their personal stuffs, even with me. I felt like I was not alone even when I am physically alone. It’s not that they are writing to us directly but when you read it, you do feel that connection with the writer. And this inspired me to write this very post. I usually do not read blogs and others posts. I started blogging just for the sake of it and to develop my communicative skills with a tinge of improvement in my lifestyle. But, in the process of acing at the above mentioned pitches I have grown a deep connection with my new found family. With whom I can share my personal stuffs and get to know theirs. If you are reading this, you are a member of my family and if I have read you posts, you are a member of my family too.

I know this sounds a little weird but when you start to feel aloof even in the company of a lot of people, be however a sport you are, or an extrovert, you would know and appreciate the pleasure of having a group who is ready to listen to your sorrows, happiness and the other things you dare not say out in the general community’s face just for the sake of being sociable. But, wait a minute, screw it. What more can be important than letting your feeling out and being there for other people to unload their sufferings in your presence?

And trust me or not, I now do not need a purpose to post. Its a part of me. I am talking to my family whenever I blog. I am an hosteler and I do not talk to my parents often, and even if I do, I do not talk these kinda things with them. Because you know, they would not understand and approve everything you feel right. That’s why they are parents.

Anyway, returning to the topic. I just decided to read few posts daily, just for the pleasure of it. And moreover if we fellow bloggers do not read each others posts, who else will?? When we read the posts, we sometimes feel like someone is reliving our life. And that takes us to memories, be it happy one or the other way round. Not that I have felt it yet but I hope I do. Cause I think I will have the feeling that I am not alone. And not the only one facing problems and when it’s happiness, I feel glad that other person had the opportunity to experience such feelings. So what are you blinking around for, go read few more blogs and write your own blog. And allow me to be a part of your family, JUST FOR THE PLEASURE OF IT.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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