a piece of my mind poems

#24 The Fool who Fooled Them

He was a loser for everybody’s eyes
Even they were not so cruel to flies.
He had no luck with girls as well
As they knew with him, it will never be swell
He was a fine looking guy
But it did not matter to the people he would try
Poor him wondered what was to happen
But he did not loose hope
As he always believed he could cope
He was a believer
And a strong hearted person
He had will power
Which was all a human would ask in a prayer
He was a person who liked to be needed
As it was the thing that always mattered
No one ever thought him as a friend
But few did see him as a foe
He never cared what people thought of him
As he knew he had to take care of all of them
It was weekend when they all went out to party
He did not know that but went for a walk out
He headed to the lake
But people were so fake
That they avoided him to show their cool
Am pretended as if he was a fool
Two kids jumped in the lake
And due to the depth and water flow
Their life was at stake
Everyone shouted for help
But the boys gave sounds of gulp
They all heard a splash
But couldn’t see what as it happened in a flash
The boys came out but the guy who splashed didn’t
Their eyes were welled up
As they saw the body of the guy
It was the fool who had been the fool yet again
The 2 boys cried over his dead body
But that was not gonna change how he was treated by every body
That noble heart
Gave them all a push start
To lead a life for others sake
Because everything else was fake
When others happiness is at stake
Till day they remember him
And love him and drop a tear for him
When thought of it they realised, it was them who got fooled when they lost a great person even without knowing him this humane.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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