a piece of my mind poems

#23 The smiler

There was guy who always used to smile
But no one used to wonder why
They thought he was happy and hail
For him sadness was like the fastest snail.
He laughed on every joke be it good or bad
But none wondered about the troubles he had
He was tall and had long hair
For his heart was like a old frail man on chair
Once a woman came in his life
Mistake not, for she was not his wife.
She could see the sorrows in his smile
And figured out the black spot on a white tile.
She asked him calmly what was his trouble
Oh my lady, worry not for I do not have any
Well I can see so many whispers the lady
I am a person who is aloof
Well seems like a spoof, for your are charming
I wish to thank you with my heart
But it is sunken deep inside the sad dirt
You are one of a kind
But please do not mind.
I wish for others happiness and smile
That I have sacrificed the need for mine
Long ago was I a selfish person
But now I am more like a community person
I have realised the purpose of my life
But for what you think you saw in me
Is nothing but the glimpse of my past life.
So much negativity and jealousy
Better be affected by leprosy.
Then did I decide to give my life for others
For there are plenty in this world who need you
But cannot find you.
Go to them, make them happy and stay so
Be the son of nature
And make sure that people always have future

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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