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#22 A Lovely Day in Angels Humble Abode

Well, I do now know what other might say perhaps an orphanage, but I say it as the angels home. It is named as Guild of Service. And I had an extra ordinary day with the kids there. I am a part of an NGO named Share your Hands. We were totally 17 and presented ourselves at their door. And we were welcomed with all the love and respect we could you ever want. It was astounding and so promising.


There were totally 42 boys distributed between 4th grade and 12th grade.

We distributed chocolates to every one of the kids there. They all thanked me for it which reminded me that most of the grown ups do not do that. And wow, these kids are at the top of their manners and I wished them back. They came running to me and we all decided to play cricket as all of them were quite a sport. We all decided us in 2 teams with almost 19 in each team, that was a funny one.

The tossss.. :p



Trolled me. Finally caught the ball at 3rd attempt.


Anyway, my team caption was Surya, studying on 11th grade. And we scored 60 runs. (I scored 15, lol). So then the other team played and got all out at 30. And yeeeeaaahhhhhhh we woonnnnn. And I went inside for preparing the next session.

I set up my guitar and was ready. They all flowed in. I felt like o was facing the public I. Wembley stadium. This was my audience and I was feeling sooo rich. So supportive, I usually do not perform in public because this is just a hobby for me. But when I was approached for this, I couldn’t deny an opportunity to please the youngsters. So I played some songs and gave in a riff from AC DC Back in Black.

My audience


Then we all watched the all time special show of Tom and Jerry.


I talked to them about will power and deciding for future plans about higher studies to those in 11th and 12th. I suggested them to be helpful and keep country clean and other stuffs.

Well, it was time for us to leave and the time for a groupie.

Am crushed at the centre. :p

Then we left. They all asked me for my name and bid bye. And so did I. So the 17 of us came back. It was a hell of a lovely time. To spend time with those semi-orphan kids. I felt so good with them. Bless those kids and I hope that they will come so good and shine in their life. Love them all. They let us know on request that they were lacking the availability of towels and beds which we are planning to sponsor soon. And wish them a great life and planning to see them often.

Finally, my team of volunteers. The heroes who made this a great day.



Special thanks to the person on the vehicle who helped us find the abode of angels.

If you get an opportunity, share your hands to help others. It gives so much satisfaction and a reason or a purpose to live.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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