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#18 Developing a Respect for Life

My first lines are dedicated to the 2 boys who are pushing up daisies by drowning in a nearby pond. This unfortunate event happened today around 1 pm. I do not know them personally and I do not feel anything more than idiocy for those kids. Poor souls.
But when I imagine the plight of their parents. I vex down completely. It takes the life out of me and I do not know how it would feel but I surely imagine that it will take their life spirit out of them.

There were totally 5 guys or so I heard. They went to the nearby pond just to play around, but two of them went deep inside and got caught in the underwater quick sand or something and were pulled inside. The  other 3 guys panicked to death and called the emergency no. 108. And confirmed that they were dead. The college responded and everything was done according to procedure.

Let alone those things,I tried to feel the suffering of their parents. I imagined to be in the position of their parents. How would they have reacted on hearing that? How would they feel to know that their kids are no more? Am so sorry for them. I cannot comment on that because I do not know that feeling. Even though I tried to feel it. Am sure that I didn’t match that suffering and pain. And do not want to know that practically either. Alli can offer is my deepest and heartiest condolences. And I know that would not suffice the lose but I am speechless.

I was laying on my couch, I just wondered, what the guys would have thought at the last second, their last breadth. Would they have thought about this as they started their day? Would they haven’t known that it was going to be the last 5 hours of their life? Would they have imagined that breakfast to be their last food they take? Their previous nights sleep would be their last sleep from which they wake up? Last night would be the last time they talked to their parents?

There is no answer for all those questions for the noble souls are no more. But I can imagine what if I was there? That could be me, my friends or even you. And I haven’t talked to my parents for 4 days or so. And I do not miss them. But I do not want them to go through anything that the affected parents are undergoing. I just decided that I will not let them suffer my demise.

This is very hard to delineate but I want to say it out. I love my parents and the only thing I can do for them in return for making me the man I am is making them proud and keeping them happy always. We never know when life ends. And when my life ends I do not want to be regretting that I could have changed that but.

Enjoy every moment of life for it is short and deserves respect as not everybody is blessed with a long one. So let it be short or long. Let us just loot fun from it. Be happy. And enjoy every second. After I kick the bucket, it should not be celebrated. I will earn my way to at least few tears from few eyes.

My life is precious and I will not let it be futile.
I love you mom, dad, my beloved sister and everyone I know.
Love you all forever.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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