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#17 The Procrastination Cancer

Deny it not, for we have all been victim of this vicious disease. It is a cancer. Which starts with a lazy mind and kills the total mentality of a human. This is very commonly seen among people near my age group. We the generation who think here is an easy lazy way to everything. So why today, let’s see tomorrow. This is called procrastination.

As goes the saying,

Tomorrow never comes.

Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift. And that’s why it is called present.

We all would have seen movies and cartoons defining the concept of time travel and changing history. But that is not happening now even though it might be possible in future. So let us not allow the now to go in vain, by remaining sunken in the thought that tomorrow we can alter it. Let us face the situation now.

The sooner the better.

People might ask the question that if we have a lot of work and do not find time and the work gets delayed because of that? Now that is not willfully. That was inevitable. In that case, the point is, that you tried. You did not let go.

If we keep waiting for others to create an opportunity for us to do something which have always been willing to do, it will be too late. Stand up, decide and get ready. Let UA make our own opportunities, for they are not available but created. All you have to do is get strong and stand up. And I assure you that you will not be alone. There are many in this world, who are in need of a leader. Lead them to success. For it is only you who can do that. You are their shepherd. Nurture their thoughts, encourage them to live in present. But first, let us live in the now.

Procrastinating the signing in a file might be a simple thing for you, worth nothing. But for others it might be worth their life, their health. For it might be a patient in hospital, or a wise experienced human. Delaying in returning a call might be worth loosing a lot in stock market. Even life is similar to stock market. If u act in present. You save that time and can use it in a productive manner. But if u just while away your time. You are unjustifiably wasting your time and those of the people who spend time with you. You are like a broken slot machine in a casino, which doesn’t give any win but glows all bright.

Let us decide, we are not procrastinating anything anymore. Be it a simple home work or a big project. It happens now. Let us make ourselves curious to the endless possible outcome of doing something. Be inquisitive about other people and their ideas. In short, let us have fun the way we are supposed to have as a being with thinking capabilities.

By A lost Soul at Sea

a passionate writer who also happens to be a mechanical engineer and a sailor

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